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April 30, 2008


California Girl

Me! Of course

Princess Pointful

Hey girlie. We've missed you! I'm so sorry to hear about the bad news. You sound like you are keeping a level head about the whole thing, but, still, it must be horribly overwhelming. I hope you are well. *hugs*
I would love to get the new url!


Hi blond-d... I think I might've commented once or twice before... but I've been reading for a while, and I am so excited to see you coming back in my reader (but sad about the circumstances). I hope you're okay and I'd love to follow to your new blog.

Princess Pointful

Gah. My comment got eaten.

In a nutshell: We missed you! I'm sad to hear that your absence was caused by such a huge change. You sound like you are keeping a good level head about things, though. Many hugs your way.

And, yes, I want the new url!


I literally was thinking about you yesterday, and therefore my face just lit up seeing that you posted! I'm so sorry to hear about the bad news though. Stay strong, massive hugs! And I would love to continue reading. xoxo


I just got so excited seeing you pop up in my reader! Please send me the new address - I missed you! (remarkablelulu@yahoo.com)


I'm glad you're back and I'd love the new address.


Aw I'm sorry to hear about you and C.

But I'm glad to see you're back and I would love to keep reading!



Oh wow! I was just skimming my reader and thought about you recently!

Bummer about you and C but you do sound like you are in good mental place about it.

Do send the new URL to your fellow Gaucho, please!


Hi Blond-D,
I've been reading your blog for a while and am delurking to say that I am glad to see you back! I am so sorry to hear about you and C. It would be great to keep reading though!! Best of luck with everything!


Aww sweetie i'm so sorry to hear about you and C. Keep your head up. And I would love to visit you at the new site.
Take Care


Another lurker who was also thinking about you this week. I am really sorry about you and C..but like everyone above is saying you sound like you are doing well under the circumstances and I have no doubt that you will get through this. If you don't mind me following to the new blog my email is wlujess82 at gmail dot com


Only discovered your blog a few months ago via Google Reader suggestions...officially de-lurking!

I would love to know about your new blog once you have it up & running!



Another de-lurker - so sorry to hear about you and C. I would love to have the new blog URL.


Oh nuts. I'm happy to see you, sad to hear that things have been rough for you. They're not easy, these life changing events. I have missed you lots, and would of course love to follow you on the new blog. snitty.trigger@gmail.com

Take care, we're here if you need us.



Hey there,

I am so glad you are back. Sorry to hear about you and C. I would love to keep reading, so when you set up your new blog, please send me the address.


Bunny, of course I want the new link. I hope you're ok - you know where to find me if you need me! Loves!



Hi there! I was excited to see you pop up in Reader, I've missed your blogging. I'm so sorry to hear about you and C...but I'd love to follow your new posts, so please email me the new address. Thanks and try to keep smiling :)


I've been wondering where you were!!!!
Sorry to hear about your and C...before I read the word I honestly thought it would be engaged. Please send the linke for your new blog - lifeaccordingtobhanu@gmail.com


Wow, I'm sorry to hear about you and C! Although it kind of sounds like it may be for the best in the long run? In any case, I'm glad you're back and yes, please send me the address of your new blog.


I am so sorry to hear that things have ended between you and C! I hope that you meet a wonderful man soon who will appreciate you and make all of your dreams come true. I'd appreciate it if you could send me your new address.

Best of luck


Sorry to hear about your relationship troubles. Email me when you get a new blog sdsinglegirl@gmail.com


I'd love your new URL... please send to my e-mail above...


Please send me the address. I've missed reading your posts. I was wondering if you were going to come back.


Hi DG,
I am yet another lurker and was also so pleased when I saw that you'd updated! You're a recent blog find and I found myself loving reading about life in LA (I'm all the way over in Australia!). I was saddened to hear about you and C, especially since it sounded like you two were in a good place at the time of your last post. I hope everything works out for the best and would love to read your new blog if you start one.
All the best

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